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Winter Update and 2023 Plans!

This has been an exciting year with the website becoming operational! Producing so many videos this year and reaching so many people around the world has been a blessing I can't put into words. I want to make a quick post outlining some of the latest strives the site has taken and what some of the future progressions will end up being.

The Training Plans offered on the site have been a great addition to the resources available. Working together with paddlers on their specific goals has been awesome. I get emotionally invested in everyone's personal ambitions and love to be part of that process. The Training Plans offer that ability for myself as a coach, in conjunction with the Online School it seems like we are covering every base possible for paddler progression.

Downwind 101 has been an awesome series to develop and continue to add to. It seems theres a big interest in seeing some downwind footage broken down for people to learn some visual cues when chasing bumps. Some of the Online School courses end up being passion projects that aren't highly sought after but I feel are good cornerstones {SUP and OC6 Steering.} For 2023 the "Race Tactics 101" will take top priority then some more passion projects for "Prone" and Va'a having their own 101 series. I'm not highly profficient in those two disciplines but hopefully its enough insight for paddlers first learning and we can work together for more advanced information if they reach that point.

The next big progression going into 2023 will be "Gear Reviews" on the Forum or some other aspect of the website. Especially with Surfski the array of different boat selections and paddles can be overwhelming. Being able to work the boats at an intermediate level on very consistent flatwater should yield great data as well as bring more eyes to the website in general!

If you guys ever have questions or want to see more from the website reach out 24-7 and I can make it happen. Thank you all, happy holidays and a happy new year!

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