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This weekend at the Clearwater Beach Classic in Florida I was the recipient of the John Kee Perpetual Steersman Award. The award goes to someone within the community that is helping to perpetuate the sport the most each year. Specifically OC6/Outrigger Canoe. It is a very high honor, like being on the Mt. Rushmore of Florida paddling. During the acceptance speech I mentioned some of my personal motivations in starting a paddling organization. I have had many reach out who were appreciative of opening up about those details, and figured this would be a good platform to share that story at a greater length.

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Thank you all for supporting the K2N Online School! This has been an awesome experience as a coach and I hope everyone is getting the most from the school. If you're reading this please do not hesitate to reach out about any questions 24-7 via email/live chat. I am here to help you about anything paddling related on and off the water.

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Welcome to the K2N Online School! First of all thank you so much for making it this far to read this post. whether youre browsing the site, or already a member. I wanted to review the outline of the school here and make some notes on the future phases of the school. I hope to add to this weekly or biweekly on updates as the schools progress and publish.

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