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What is Ka Nalu Nui (K2N) Online Paddle School?

Coach Robert Norman

Ka Nalu Nui (K2N) K2N Online Paddle School offers coaching resources to paddlers outside of our geographical location to still be part of the club dynamic. Not having coaches nearby is a hindrance to the learning process and our online programs look to bridge this gap at an affordable 30$/monthly rate. 
Access to a full video library for every paddle discipline, ranging from "beginner" coaching to "advanced" tips. We currently have 200 videos with 30 hours worth of content. This video library will continue to grow as we offer more resources for paddlers to utilize on and off the water!
We offer video reviews and training plans to help further connect to paddlers and create a comprehensive progression of mastering new movements. 


Your Coach!

I have been a full-time Personal Trainer since 2012. I started paddling in 2014 and in 2018 I was able to connect people to paddling by creating K2N Paddle Club in Hernando FL. My passion for seeing people's personal growth and success helped me choose a career path that revolves exclusively around it. Combining that with my favorite activity through K2N Paddle Club allows me to really blend the lines between work and fun. With the K2N Online Paddle School I hope to push that outreach globally and share the love of paddling. I've received so much from the sport I hope I can give back in a meaningful way. I can guarantee you'll have the entirety of that passion working with your ongoing success. 


K2N Online Paddle School
Video Reviews

K2N Online Paddle School is connecting paddlers to high quality instruction in areas without coaching opportunities. Understanding the nuances of paddle racing can be overwhelming for people to self assess. Offering an expansive video library (200+ videos spanning 30 hours in content) to refer to as well as interactive video review and customized training plans are a few services offered. We also include off the water exercise plans to hone better movement patterns as well as target the prime moving muscles completing these paddling motions. Get the entire paddle club atmosphere from anywhere in the world with us here at K2N!

Surfski example video:

Outrigger Canoe example video:

Stand Up Paddle Board example video:

Get high quality video reviews at K2N anytime! Video reviews are the most direct way to identify weaknesses in your movement and have them quickly assessed. In conjunction with the online school this is the most efficient way to teach technique from anywhere!

Download your short paddling clip from the side to our video share tab. Checkout under Video Review and you will recieve your video review via Email in a few hours!

Curriculum Outline

The K2N Online Paddle School offers multiple paddle disciplines.

This includes OC1, Surfski and SUP.

Each major discipline is broken down into three categories of progression. 
The first progression is Foundational. This is where we spend the time outlining the basic movements that will be elaborated on. Paddlers who are at a high level are very good at understanding and utilizing these foundational skills. 
The next progression is Developmental. This phase begins expanding on the Foundational ideas with more concepts. Directional forces, kinetic chain connection and posture outline some example concepts. 
The final progression is Mastery. Putting together all the big ideas and combining them with small concepts begins to connect all the dots in the movement. Mastering your movement and technique is the goal of the school!
We will also feature some shorter series as a 101 course that is a general overview of certain sports/racing tactics/team paddling. Dragon Boat Time Trial and Downwind are our current series and hope to expand to Prone, Va'a, OC6 Steering, Race Tactics, and Team Paddling Dynamics!


Exercises Off the Water

Looking to elevate your paddling ability from the physicality side of the paradigm? We offer workout plans specific for paddling movement to target the primary contributors to your paddling stroke. Breaking these progressional workouts into "Postural" "Mobility" "Stability" "Movement" and "Performance" style training plans


These videos are on the site now and are the bottom playlists under the "Videos" Tab.

They are the newest videos being added so stay tuned each week for those!

K2N On The Water Training Progams

Work with a Coach to outline your goals and create a workout plan specific to reaching them! 

No matter what the distance or speeds are, we can work together to detail a step by step process to accomplishing those feats. Chattajack is major race in the US that is 32 miles in distance. K2N is proud to have over 30 paddlers part of our program finish that even with some podium winners. Finding the structure for a marathon can be daunting on your own, and many who are most succesful follow a detailed regimen. 

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